Youth Boating The Youth of Grace Lutheran church have done a variety of activities over the years. The main focus of our youth is to help them grow in their faith with their Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. This is done through Christian education such as Sunday school and confirmation. In addition to these activities our youth focus on outreach and servant events to extend the hand of Christ to our community.

A fun boating and swimming outing is one activity that the youth try to accomplish each summer. Devotions, singing, swimming, tubing, and bonfires are some of their bonding activities. SwimmingThe youth are also an active part of Grace's annual Lenten Fair / Easter Egg Hunt. This is an activity that teaches the community about the true meaning of Easter and our risen Lord.

There is a Children's Sermon given by Pastor Lampe during the Worship service during the 2nd, 4th and 5th Sunday's of the month. All of the youth are also involved in singing and instrumental programs throughout the year during the worship service. Puppet shows and Christmas AcolytePrograms are presented during the Worship throughout the year. We welcome any youth that would love to worship our Lord.

Youth are also involved by serving as acolytes lighting and extinguishing candles during the worship service.

See some of our activities below!



Youth Activities


Youth Lake Outing - 2016
A HUGE thank you to Bill and Joanne Michel for taking the youth to boat and swim at Tablerock Lake! This is an annual activity that everyone looks forward to!