Helping Hands for Robinson School Community Outreach
(Formerly known as Plus One)

What is Helping Hands?

Helping Hands is a partnership between congregations and the Missouri District to be more engaged in their communities. Our focus is on building a relationship with the staff and students at Robinson Elementary School. We are currently supporting the entire school, which includes 3rd-6th grade students and staff, through our specially focused committee called Helping Hands for Robinson School.


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Our Projects:

Famous Missourians and Light Wands for Music

We bought the items from the teacher's wish list for the 3rd grade class' Famous Missourians project and the light wands for the music teacher.  We purchased supplies for the 3rd grade students to work on their Famous Missourians project. Also purchased light wants for the 4th grade students in music class for them to conduct music.

Blue Barrell    Blue Barrell   

Blue Barrell    Blue Barrell   
3rd Graders working on their Famous Missourian projects.

Blue Barrell   
Light wands for the 4th Grade music class to conduct music.

Houn Dawg Clothing Closet!

Helping Hands for Robinson School supports this clothing closet open the 3rd Thursday of the month from 4:30pm - 6:30pm (September - May) at 1034 S. Lincoln Ave (behind Robinson School). Volunteers & Donations needed! See below for details.

Clothing Closet   

Magnetic Protractors Teachers!

We purchased magnetic protractors for math lessons for each of the 4th grade classrooms.

Blue Barrell   
Magnetic Protractors for 4th Grade!

Gift Bags for Teachers!
Grace assembled some goodie bags that we took to the 3rd and 4th grade teachers in May.

Blue Barrell   
Great items donated for the teacher bags - thank you for your contribution!

Teacher Wish List

The teachers have a wishlist for items they would like to have for their classrooms.  From this list we purchased orange and pink ink pens for the 4th grade guided reading literature circles and Slinkies for use in the 3rd and 4th grade science lab for the study of energy transfer and waves.

Plus one    Plus one

Encouragement baskets for the teachers

We had great fun making some great baskets for all of our teachers. They have worked really hard this year for our community and we wanted to show our appreciation!

Teacher Encouragement


Some members of the church have completed security clearance checks in order to participate individually with students in programs such as reading buddy, lunch buddy, and before and after school program assistance.

Robinson Elementary


Feed the Teachers

We provided food for the teachers at the Parent Teacher Conference on October 14 and plan to again March 9.

Plus one    Plus one

Yoga Ball Chairs

The teachers provide alternative seating in their classrooms.  With funds from the Missouri District grant we purchased 14 yoga ball chairs, one for each classroom.  We also purchased 6 additional yoga ball chairs to replace two futons that had to be disposed of in two of the classrooms. 

Yoga Balls  Yoga Balls  


$1 Books

With funds received from the Missouri District grant, we purchased a $1 book for each student via Scholastic book order.  Total purchase was 300 books. 
 Book donations

Book donations


Magnetic Demonstration Notebook Paper

With funds from the Missouri District grant, we purchased 7 Magnetic Demonstration Notebook Paper items, one for each 4th grade classroom.

Magnetic Paper

Scholastic Book Fair Purchase

Linda purchased $200 worth of greatly discounted books at the Scholastic Book Fair Sale in Springfield for donation to the school. The school is using the books for incentives and providing them to new students in welcome bags .

Linda Tara Books

Christmas Tree

Walmart donated a large Christmas tree that we gifted to the school.

Christmas Tree

Committee members - 2022/23

Members: Byron & Tara (not pictured) Martin, Dennis Doss, Amy Garoutte, Chairman, David Lampe, Linda Myers, and Pam Bowling. Not pictured: Tammy Stafford, and Pastor Lampe.

Magnetic Paper